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Natural Groups

Royal Elders
This ministry is to address the need of the elderly in our midst, reaching out to care and help them. And also, to be blessings to this generation.

Royal Men
This the men’s fellowship of the church, responsible for welfare, peace and joy of the family and the church. They take spiritual lead by praying and trusting God to provide for the need of their family. We are blessed to have this ministry, ensuring that every man in the church is able to coordinate, express and take a spiritual mandate for the growth his family and the church. This ministry helps to build and strengthen the activities in the church.

Royal Women
The vision of the ministry is to raise women of virtue who will influence and transform lives through their God-given authority and wisdom. To build women of prayer, faith, grow in the word of God and to support and encourage women of all ages to be able to use their God’s given gifts to the glory of God and impact the world around them.

Royal Youths
This is the ministry where our young people learn how to be light in the world. They are strengthened through the Word of God, they are feel free to discuss any issues, concerns or problems they may have or be going through and hopefully receive resolution that will improve the situation.

Kingdom Kids
This is the children ministry of the church. Our vision is to raise, nurture and equip our children in the way of the Lord. To encourage them to share the message of Jesus with others, study, pray and grow in the knowledge of God, having fun and enriching activities together. Proverbs 22:6